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Kate Cutts

Kate Cutts is an Enrichment Specialist in math and science and the 2017-18 Teacher of the Year for Kenneth R. Olson Middle School. She is a fellow of the Gifted Child Society and holds a masters degree in instructional technology. Tweet her @cutts_kate.


Stacey Delaney

Stacie Delaney teaches 3rd grade. She received her BA in Psychology from Rutgers University and is dually certified as a General Education and Special Education Teacher from Rowan University.  For two years she has been a participant in the Global Learning Event called Climate Action Project which has over 500 schools in 90 countries working on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 13 Climate Change. In 2016 Stacie was selected as an Empathy Challenge Teacher Fellow. The fellowship was created in a partnership between Empatico and the National Network of State Teachers of the Year, NNSTOY. She connected her class to one in Memphis, Tennessee and was able to integrate diversity into her classroom using technology. Stacie is now a Mentor Fellow helping new Empathy Challenge Fellows in the 2nd cohort. Her experiences have led to her presenting at statewide Edcamps, district In-services and to the online community through webinars. Stacie has also written about her experiences and has had them published as blog posts. She is now mentoring teachers as they begin to connect with students and teachers around the world. She believes strongly in the power of spreading kindness and empathy with children to make this a better world. Tweet her @Sdelaneytes.


Michael Dunlea

Michael Dunlea became a teacher with the goal of making his students feel valued while they became empowered with knowledge and skills to live extraordinary lives. Michael was a NJ State Teacher of the Year Finalist in 2012 and has been a National Teacher Fellow in America Achieves and Hope Street Group. Currently he is a Lead Fellow with Empatico and the National Network of State Teachers of the Year, NNSTOY. He has received the Presidential Award of Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching as well as the Henry Ford Innovative Teacher Award. He co-founded a non-profit organization called Stafford Teachers And Residents Together (START), to clean and rebuild his community following Hurricane Sandy and is currently the President of the non-profit Alliance for a Living Ocean, ALO. Tweet him @MichaelJDunlea.


Jade Gordon

Jade Gordon is a fifth year mathematics teacher currently teaching at Olson Middle School in Tabernacle, New Jersey. As an alumni of The College of New Jersey, with a degree in Education specializing in STEM, she understands the importance of introducing young learners to a variety of learning experiences. Miss Gordon has experience teaching grades 5 - 8, including basic skill and inclusive instruction, as well as gifted and talented instruction. In addition, she is the director of the school's drama program. Tweet her @miss_math_.


Danielle Hare, Julie Haynes, Ashley Kimble, Donna Layne, Jen Valleau


Danielle Hare, Julie Haynes, Ashley Kimble, Donna Layne, and Jen Valleau are a part of the First Grade Team at Tabernacle Elementary School.  Collectively, they accumulated 45 years of teaching experience ranging in grades pre-k through fifth. They are passionate about education, particularly utilizing technology resources available to enhance student growth, engagement, and parent involvement. Seesaw has provided the opportunity for teachers, students, and families to connect, share, and collaborate via student digital portfolios.  Learn about how to create, connect, track progress, collect data, and save prep time all for free using the Seesaw app. Tweet them @daniellelhare, @Julie_M_H@MrsKimbleTES@DonnaLayned, and @jen_valleau.


Elizabeth Lawton

Elizabeth Lawton is a School Psychologist intern in the Tabernacle School District. She practices different mindfulness techniques and teaches social skills to students. Even though she is just beginning her school psychologist career, she has previously worked with adults with severe mental health and addiction problems and currently holds a socialization group for adolescents once a week. She promotes using positive psychology and mindfulness techniques toward her students to help decrease negative behaviors so they can be their best selves in and out of the classroom. Tweet her @lizvondee.


Brianna McCarthy

Brianna McCarthy teaches 5th grade at Olson Middle School in Tabernacle, New Jersey.  She graduated from Rowan University with dual degrees in Elementary Education and Liberal Studies and she recently graduated from Rutgers University with her Masters in Special Education.  She taught special education in an inclusion setting for three years and this is her second year as a fifth grade teacher.  Brianna began using Empatico this year and absolutely loves showing her students how to spread kindness and empathy to people all around the world.  Tweet her @missmccarthyOMS


Marc Miller

Marc Miller graduated from Rowan University with degrees in both Mathematics and Elementary Education. He has been in education for 20 years. He has been a 2nd grade teacher, 3rd grade teacher, math coach, and most recently, a math specialist at Tabernacle Elementary School. Tweet him @MrMathTES.


Gerald Paterson, Ed.D.

Dr. Gerald Paterson's background includes 23 years of administrative and teaching experience at the elementary, middle school, and college levels. Over the past 12 years, he has had the distinct pleasure to work in two administrative capacities for the Tabernacle School District. Since 2009, he has been the Principal of Tabernacle Elementary School. As an elementary principal, he is responsible for providing a safe, secure, and nurturing environment for approximately 370 students. Tweet him @DrPatersonTES.

Leigh Ann Peter

Leigh Ann Peter, M.Ed. has spent her career working with Early Childhood and Elementary Education students in and out of the classroom.  She is currently a Reading Specialist and the Gifted and Talented Teacher for Grades K-4 at Tabernacle Elementary School. Ms. Peter has  served as a Preschool teacher, First Grade Teacher, Gifted and Talented Teacher, Reading Specialist and Supervisor in her eighteen years in the field.  Tweet her @LeighAnnPeter2.

Sam Traina

Sam Traina is in her second year of  teaching in the Self Contained, MD classroom at Kenneth R. Olson Middle School in Tabernacle, NJ. She has previous teaching experience at Mercer County Special Services teaching 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. The heart of her instruction focuses on life skills, accountability, and teaching her students how to be self advocates. Working with her class, which contains students from 5th-8th grade, they have engaged in many projects around school to expose them to life skills in practical settings. Most notably, Miss Traina and her class run a coffee shop called The Tiger Cafe and have recently opened a life skills room. Tweet her @misstraina.


Meghan Valente

Mrs. Valente received behavioral training through the BCSSSD Autism Program. She was formerly an ABA Facilitator for the Eastampton School District and helped launch the first self-contained classroom in that district. Mrs. Valente works in the Tabernacle School District as the inclusion/early intervention Pre-school teacher. Tweet her @ValenteMeg.


Jamie Worrell

Mr. Worrell previously worked for the Educational Services Unit at BCSSSD as an Autism Support Trainer for almost 10 years before taking the position of teacher in the Self-contained, MD classroom in the Elementary School in 2014. He is also the Crisis Prevention and Intervention trainer for the district with over 15 years of experience in training staff on how to deal with positive behavior interventions. Tweet him @jworrell0508.