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Lighthouses: Resources


Middle Schools Explora -- Database


Learn about your favorite subject. Read magazines, newspapers, biographies, and primary sources. 
Find maps, images, and country information to help with school projects and research.

[Username: sjrlc253 ​  Password: tigerpaw!2020]

Learn360 -- Database

With Learn360, you can access more than 130,000 multimedia resources, including high-quality full-length videos, video clips, images, audio files, articles, activities, worksheets, and more. 
[Username: tabby1   ​Password: tigerpaw]

World Geography & Culture Online -- Database

Articles, images, maps, and more!
All of these resources will focus on the geography of the US States.

Use the drop-down menu to search by state and use the left sidebar to learn new facts.

[Username: tabby1   ​Password: tigerpaw]