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LRCC Library Media Specialists: 2019

This guide serves as a professional development resource for the LRCC Library Media Specialists


Below are the presentations from the 2019 LRCC Library Media Specialists in-service held on Friday, February 15, 2019.

Escape the Room - Digital Breakout Lessons with Google Forms and Sites

Integrating Digital Resources in Your Library and Enhancing Digital Literacy

Transforming into a Future Ready Librarian

Best Practices and News

If you would like to share your best practice or any library or librarian news, please let us know!
We will upload any documents, presentations, and/or information below.

  1. NJASL needs your help! If you know of a New Jersey school system lacking a certified School Library Media Specialist or a librarian that is planning to retire in the near future, please fill out this form.  Link:   
  2. Social Media: We are asking all SLMS to send via social media this month. #NJASLadvocacy #anecessitynotaluxury 
  3. NJASL is designating February as Thank a Sponsor Month for their support of A1995/S2394 (requires ratio of SLMS to students) and A132/S2933 (requires information literacy curriculum).  Please take a few minutes to either email, call or send a tweet to the sponsors. Additionally, if your legislator is not a sponsor, please ask them to consider becoming a co-sponsor. For more information on the two bills, visit the NJASL Library Legislation webpage, For an updated list of sponsors and their districts, School Library Legislation Sponsors Find NJ Legislator: Twitter Handles - Use the hashtags #njasladvocacy #anecessitynotaluxury. See the Twitter logo below.

Information shared by: 

Tricina Strong-Beebe, MSLS
NJASL Advocacy Liaison