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Information Technology

This LibGuide contains information about the 5th Grade Information Technology Related Arts Course

Unit One: How Might We Tell The Story of OMS?

Unit Objectives: In this unit, the class will collectively create a visual story of OMS using data and technology. They will

  • understand the importance of visual information
  • identify points of data and information throughout OMS
  • develop essential questions to gather data on selected OMS topic
  • learn and practice effective communication skills
  • transform data sets into infographics to share with school community

This unit is worth 50 points.

Visual Information

Designing Your Infographic

Steps to Create an Infographic

1. Start with topic or idea
2. Develop essential questions to gather information
3. Research data and information
4. Decide how to "tell a story" by choosing a design
5. Sketch out a rough draft of infographic
6. Create your final infographic on computer
Remember to...
Choose effective colors, fonts, images, & layout
Reference your sources
Keep it simple and pleasing to the eye